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ShivaTimes and SMVPL Entertainments are sub organizations of Shiva Music and Visuals Pvt. Ltd. that is itself a sub organisation to Lopamudra Virtual Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SMVPL and ShivaTimes are into Audio Visual content production, aggregation and distribution, through various online channels such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Itunes, Google Play Music and others.


Shiva Music on the whole has a wide range of content with over 60000 videos in total in various Indian Languages. ShivaTimes and SMVPL was created with a propective that the not only video but also the Textual content can be Distributed and Monetized over the web


SMVPL Entertainment

Digital Content Aggregation and Distribution through various internet based platforms such as YouTube and DailyMotion. Read More>>

Textual content agreegation and distibution such as News, Stories and others through various Internet based Platforms such as websites and Yahoo News. Read More>>

Shiva Music

Audio and Visual Video Production and Distribution through various Digital arenas. Making the Regional Indian Music and Culture available to everyone worldwide. Read More>>

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